IGA Weekly Ads, Deals & Coupons
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About IGA

IGA is an American-based grocery store chain that has many franchised stores across the globe. IGA stores sell a variety of grocery products like fresh produce, canned goods, pantry items, meat, dairy, seafood, frozen foods, baked goods and household essentials. IGA carries many IGA Exclusive Brand products, which have the popular “Double Your Money Back Guarantee” if a customer should be dissatisfied. Watch out for IGA's weekly deals to enjoy added savings.

Coupons at IGA

IGA accepts valid, legible and original home-printed Internet coupons, Houchens digital coupons and manufacturer coupons that contain clear and scannable bar codes, UPC codes and a valid expiry date. 

Coupons for “Free” products are not accepted. Coupons with competitor store brands listed will only be accepted if the bar code scans properly. To begin saving more at IGA, check out their complete coupon policy online. Coupon policies may vary by store.  

Pickup and Delivery

IGA offers grocery pickup and delivery services at participating locations. 

IGA Weekly Ads, Deals & Coupons

IGA Weekly Ads, Deals & Coupons

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